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Arch Support - Black

Arch Support - Black

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The original natural rubber flip-flop slide but now with built in arch support and an elevated heel for added comfort and support.

Soles and straps are both still made from natural rubber, sustainably sourced from rubber trees. Being a natural, renewable and vegan material, it’s kind to the environment and your feet. It’s waterproof and durable, whilst dense and elastic for a supportive, soft and comfortable fit.


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Please see our size guide above and get in touch with us if you need further guidance or have narrower/wider feet as we can also make up custom sizes for you (mixing and matching our straps and sole sizes).
*To measure the length of your foot easily just stand on a piece of paper, trace around your foot, then measure the length from the heel to the tip of the longest toe.


$7 Flat rate shipping throughout Australia, $9 for New Zealand. Proceed to checkout for other international shipping rates.


It's all Natural Rubber baby!

Made in Thailand.

Care Instructions

Flipslides are built to be enjoyed. A rinse in the shower from time to time ought to be all they need.

In certain environments, over time natural rubber may 'bloom'. This will present as a white film on the straps however it's easily removed by rubbing a drip of olive oil over the straps with a microfiber cloth.

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Take 20% off your Flipslides when you include a Hemp Towel!

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