I have very narrow/wide feet, how narrow/wide are they?
Our fits are pretty ‘standard’. We’ve designed each size to fit as many people as possible, however if you know you have narrow/wide feet, we’d suggest getting in touch to discuss a custom pair. As a first step, check your sole size on the chart and then we can size up or down with the straps for you.
I’m in-between sizes, should I go up or down in size?
Best thing to do is to measure your feet against the size chart on the ‘sizing’ page. We have some directions on the page about it. If you’re still not sure, get in touch to chat.
Do they have arch support, any good for people with plantar fasciitis?
Currently, we don’t offer arch support. We are working on a version with it and hopefully someday soon can offer it to the world! As for plantar fasciitis, whilst the soles are nice and forgiving, a flat sole might not be what you need. Check back soon or follow our socials for an update if your holding out for this.
Where can I buy Flipslide’s in-store?
After a long stretch of not having enough stock to supply retail stores, we’ve finally started wholesaling with boutique stores around Australia. We’ll update the ‘stockists’ section of the website as we go.
Do you offer any discounts?
On rare occasions we might share a discount code with email subscribers and social media followers, however usually not in the warmer months as we’re flat out as it is. Buying a towel and a pair of Flipslide’s together does get a bundle discount though!
Where are Flipslide's manufactured and is the supply chain ethical?
We currently manufacture Flipslide’s in Melbourne and Thailand. We source independent audits of the factories we work with to ensure fair wages and ethical treatment of the workers and arrange factory visits to see it all first hand.
Are they unisex?
Yes! We lack photos of gents wearing them as the ‘models’ are all staff (only ladies here). One day we’ll expand the sizes beyond XL and get them on more mens feet.
Is the natural rubber made from latex?
Yep. The liquid that is tapped from the rubber tree is called latex and natural rubber is essentially the solid version of latex. So if you have a latex allergy, natural rubber probably isn’t right for you.